To Celebrate 's First Anniversary, CITYSCAPES has created its largest photo gallery ever with 1,000 Photos by BIRON of the August 1st TURFERS OUTLET II. It was one year ago today that GET WET rocked the Bay when, for Retro's birthday, it held its spectacular first TURFERS OUTLET at the EMB. During the past year, GET WET ENT. has continued its outreach to all Bay Area youth, the Get Wet Girls were organized, several breakdance videos were produced, and regular breakdance events were held that attracted hundreds of enthusiastic young women and men from around the Bay Area. GET WET's focus is on excellence. The word gets around. If you've got it, it's where you can show it.

CITYSCAPES wants to take this opportunity to salute Ifraj and Neem, the sister-brother team behind GET WET ENT. Help support their future programs. Contact them at . They plan to bring local turfers to NYC later this summer. You could make it possible for more locals to rumble in Brooklyn against some of the East Coast's best turfers.

Now, enjoy the pics.                           

-biron, August 2, 2009