Boys and Drag
Photos by BIRON


Photographer Biron's Boys and Drag is a limited first edition published in November 2007 and available from the photographer.  This 8.5x11" hardcover book contains over 100 original full-color Photos by BIRON printed on quality glossy paper.  This first edition is signed and numbered by the photographer.

In his Preface, Biron states:
"This book is not a sociological study on cross dressing as the title might suggest. It is simply a selection of my photographs, taken over the past 15 years, of more than 30 multicultural boys* who, as part of their photo shoots, modeled in my San Francisco studio wearing items of clothing usually associated with the female gender such as a floral kimono, a black sequined gown, fishnet stockings, stiletto heels, extravagant hats and turbans, colorful bracelets and necklaces, veils, furs, feather boas, jeweled and pearl beaded vests, a frilly organdy apron, silk slips and panties, saris and a pair of metallic shear tights. In short, all things one usually does not associate with boys.
I leave it entirely up to you, dear reader, to make of this playful, innocent experiment with drag what you will. But, be forewarned, your reaction may reveal more about you than it does about the photos themselves. Enjoy! ."

Biron's multicultural male photographs, which attempt in their explicitness to blur artificial distinctions between art and pornography, have been exhibited at the Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco and at the Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery in Paris. His photographs have also appeared in three books by Janssen Verlag and several magazines internationally including aK, OG, blue, XY, Trikone and Frontiers.

This limited edition black clothbound hardcover book is only available from the photographer or in Paris fro the Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery.  For more information, email:  <> or write: L. Biron, 770 California St. #307, San Francisco, CA 94108.

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